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Freiwilligenarbeit in der Region Olten Therapiehund. Und ich fahre gerne auch andere Ansichten ein. Nachdem er im Jahre Z. Sauron ist im Legendarium ein mächtiger Maia , der sich früh dem Bösen verschrieb. Mit ihm vergeht auch alles, was seine Macht erschaffen hat. Eventually, the Wise put forth their might and drove Sauron from Mirkwood in He Beste Spielothek in Urmein finden accidentally destroyed by fire blast from the Kraken from Clash of the Beste Spielothek in Weddersleben finden when it was trying to shoot down the Batwing. The Battle of the Annatar Armiesand the extended edition of The Desolation of SmaugSauron is shown to have been behind Smaug 's actions as part of a grand scheme to restore the Kingdom of Angmar. By about"the Wise" the Wizards and giropay logo chief Elves became aware that an evil power had made a stronghold at Dol Guldur. Sauron's body was destroyed, but his spirit was not diminished, and he fled back to Mordor bearing the Ring, where he slowly rebuilt a new body and his strength during the time known as the Dark Years. For a while, Gollum had acted as a guide for Frodo and Sam. Even as the Captains of the West were about to be utterly defeated by the superior might of Sauron's grand armies, Frodo reached his goal, entering the fiery interior of Mount Doom. All 12 were thrown into Sauron's dungeons and live übertragung fußball heute kostenlos deutsch 10 Elves were devoured by wolves. He is briefly witnessed in this form by Radagast. Or, they could take a force to the Black Gate and attempt to challenge Sauron directly. It is then that Sauron appears as a spectral armored form within a flaming euro casino aurich, accompanied within the fire by the Ringwraiths' ghostly forms. Nachdem er im Jahre Z. Finally, Eru abruptly brought the Song of Creation to an end.

Mit einem einzigen Schlag fegt er dutzende Menschen und Elben beiseite. Darunter auch Elendil, den Vater von Isildur. Saurons Körper explodiert und vernichtet alle Kreaturen, die durch seine Macht gezüchtet wurden.

Saruman spricht über Sauron: Nach dem Verlust seiner körperlichen Form kann Sauron diese nicht wieder annehmen.

Er behält für den Rest der Filmtrilogie die Form des feurigen Auges bei, welches am Ende des dritten Teiles explodiert, da der Eine Ring vernichtet wurde.

Mit ihm vergeht auch alles, was seine Macht erschaffen hat. Aragorn sollte dabei nur durch die Zerstörung des Ringes gerettet werden.

Doch diese Szene wurde Jackson zu kitschig und nicht dem eigentlichen Charakter Aragorns entsprechend angesehen.

Es hätte wohl auch nicht Saurons Charakter entsprochen der eher andere für sich kämpfen lässt, als sich selbst in Gefahr zu begeben.

Er hat in der Schlacht gegen das letzte Bündnis, in der er den Meisterring verliert, erst nach jahrelanger Belagerung direkt in die Schlacht eingegriffen.

Zum Inhalt springen Suche. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. When the Vala Tulkas came and captured Melkor, Sauron had already fled and was not found.

Sauron's herald was the vampire Thuringwethil. After Dagor Bragollach , Sauron's hunters brought Gorlim and questioned him of Barahir 's, father of Beren , location.

Gorlim told them none, until Sauron himself came forth and bartered with the man. Gorlim asked for his wife Eilinel , whom he thought captured.

Thus, Sauron agreed and Gorlim yielded the information. However, Sauron revealed that Eilinel was dead, and he put Gorlim to death afterward. There Finrod and Sauron fought songs of power.

He stripped them off their Orc disguises and cast them into the dark pits where werewolves devoured their companions.

When a werewolf came to attack Beren, Finrod wrestled with it and passed away from his injuries. One of them was Draugluin, but he fled and told his master that Huan was there.

Huan sprang and subdued Sauron. Although his plea was probably genuine, Sauron was unwilling to return to the Utter West for judgment, and so he fled and hid somewhere in Middle-earth.

This is the Master-ring, the One Ring to rule them all. This is the One Ring that he lost many ages ago, to the great weakening of his power.

He greatly desires it — but he must not get it. Sauron, like Morgoth, soon began raising massive armies of Orcs , Trolls , and possibly other creatures, as well as corrupting the hearts of Men with delusions of power and wealth, chiefly Easterlings and Southrons the Haradrim.

Although Sauron knew that men were easier to sway, he sought to bring the Elves into his service, as they were far more powerful. To the elves who listened, Sauron gave knowledge and encouragement in forging the Rings of Power , though in secret Sauron forged his own, the One Ring , to rule the Elvish rings.

In Westron the inscription translated into: Had the Elves not recognized Sauron's treachery and forsaken the power of their rings, the results would have been catastrophic for the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.

The Elves, had they been captured in this fashion, would have become the slaves of Sauron, and thus Celebrimbor 's resistance was of immense importance in the history of Middle-earth.

He was very powerful even without control of the Elves, and he conquered nearly all of Middle-earth during the War of the Elves and Sauron.

Defeated but not vanquished, Sauron retreated back to Mordor and began recouping his strength over the many centuries.

Towards the end of the Second Age, Sauron was once again powerful enough to raise again large armies to attempt to rule Middle-earth. By this time, he assumed the titles of " Lord of the Earth " and " King of Men ".

As his power and influence reached its peak, he raised a great Temple in which he performed human sacrifices to Morgoth.

The world was bent , so that thereafter, only Elven-Ships could sail into the Utter West. Sauron's body was destroyed, but his spirit was not diminished, and he fled back to Mordor bearing the Ring, where he slowly rebuilt a new body and his strength during the time known as the Dark Years.

From this point on, he lost the ability to assume a fair shape, and ruled now through terror and force. After learning that Elendil , whom he had most hated, had survived and was ordering a realm on his borders, Sauron, after a while, made war with them.

He struck too soon, however, and had not restored most of his strength, whereas the Elven-king, Gil-galad had increased his power on Middle-earth in his absence.

Finally, Sauron himself came forth and dueled both Elendil and Gil-galad, slaying them both singlehandedly. Sauron's physical body was destroyed.

With nearly all of his power stored in the ring, he was vanquished when it was cut from his finger. Without their leader's dark will driving them on, Sauron's armies were routed and fled, and thus, his campaign to defeat the free peoples was seemingly ended, and his greatest weapon taken from him.

But while Isildur had taken the ring, he could not bring himself to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged, instead he became corrupted by the One Ring and kept it for himself.

He was eventually betrayed by it a few years later, and slain by Orcs at Gladden Fields. Despite his defeat, Sauron was not vanquished permanently.

Though greatly weakened, and in non-corporeal form, he still existed, due to pouring most of his native power, strength, and will into the One Ring.

Thus, as long as it existed, he could never be truly defeated, and during the first thousand years of the Third Age, he lay in hiding, slowly recovering his strength until he was once again able to create a body for himself.

There, he was disguised as a dark sorcerer known as " the Necromancer ", and the Elves did not realize at first that he was actually Sauron returned.

While Sauron continued to gather his strength, the Ringwraiths reappeared in the year TA , and began steadily assaulting the Numenorian kingdoms in exile until, one by one, they fell.

Whether the Witch King was acting on his own, or was being guided by Sauron, is not known. During the same year, the One Ring was finally discovered by the stoor Smeagol and his friend Deagol.

Without the Ring in his possession, Sauron could draw on only the smallest fraction of its strength, so that his enemies were able to drive him from Dol Guldur with relative ease.

However, the Dark Lord, having had ample time to prepare, was willing to abandon Dol Guldur, and returned to Mordor, where he openly declared himself in TA , and began preparations for his final war against the free peoples of Middle-earth.

Sauron bred immense armies of Orcs and allied with and enslaved Men from the east and south. He adopted the symbol of a lidless eye , and was able to exert his will over Middle-earth, so that the Eye of Sauron became a symbol of power and fear.

After the creature Gollum , who had previously possessed the ring, was captured, Sauron had him tortured and learned that he once had a magic ring, and from him he heard the words Shire and Baggins.

Saruman failed however, and Sauron lost his most potent ally as well as Saruman's massive orc army of Uruk-hai. However, shortly thereafter Aragorn took the Palantir and revealed himself to Sauron with the intent of causing him unease.

Upon seeing Aragorn, Sauron realized that Saruman had fallen and concluded that the heir of Isildur carried the One Ring. Despite still possessing more than enough armies to destroy Minas Tirith and enough military strength to easily conquer Middle-earth once Gondor fell, doubt began to grow on Sauron.

As such, he watched and waited, hoping for a period of strife between Aragorn and other potential Ringlords in which he could move out and take the Ring for himself.

Despite their successful repulsion of Sauron's armies at Minas Tirith, Gandalf and Aragorn knew that the bulk of Sauron's forces remained in Mordor, readying themselves for another, deadlier strike against the city.

Filled as Mordor was with Sauron's troops, Frodo stood almost no chance of reaching Mt. Tolkien writes in The Silmarillion that "the Eye of Sauron the Terrible few could endure" even before his body was lost in the War of the Last Alliance.

In the draft text of the climactic moments of The Lord of the Rings , "the Eye" stands for Sauron's very person, with emotions and thoughts:.

The Dark Lord was suddenly aware of him [Frodo], the Eye piercing all shadows Its wrath blazed like a sudden flame and its fear was like a great black smoke, for it knew its deadly peril, the thread upon which hung its doom In the second text Most adaptations of the story to visual media depict the Eye as visibly present.

The film adaptations directed by Peter Jackson depict the Eye of Sauron as an all-seeing eye, and his prequel adaptation shows it as an extended aura about Sauron's spiritual essence, which is a silhouette of his physical form and appears as the eye's slit pupil.

Since the earliest versions of The Silmarillion legendarium as detailed in the History of Middle-earth series, Sauron underwent many changes.

The prototype or precursor Sauron-figure was a giant monstrous cat, the Prince of Cats. Later the cats were changed to wolves or werewolves , with the Sauron-figure becoming the Lord of Werewolves.

Prior to the publication of The Silmarillion , Sauron's origins and true identity were unclear to those without full access to Tolkien's notes.

Yet there were other critics who essentially hit the mark. As early as , W. Auden conjectured that Sauron might have been a Vala, [61] long before it became known that Tolkien had indeed described him as "a lesser member of the race of Valar" see full quote above.

In film versions of The Lord of the Rings , Sauron has been portrayed as either a humanoid creature as in Ralph Bakshi 's animated version, The Lord of the Rings or a physical, disembodied Eye as in the animated The Return of the King , [62] or both.

This last option is shown in the — film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson , with Sauron voiced by Alan Howard.

Here, Sauron is shown to have a large humanoid form during the forging of the Ring and up to his losing it, then being "limited" to the disembodied Eye form throughout the rest of the storyline.

The video game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor presents a related version of this premise. In the game, he regains his physical form sometime after his defeat at Dol Guldur, losing it once more.

This depiction preserves continuity with Jackson's film adaptations, at least — if not with Tolkien canon. Though the animated film and the live-action film both contain a prologue featuring the forging of the Rings of Power, the War of the Elves and Sauron goes unmentioned and the films jump straight to the much later War of the Last Alliance.

In both, Sauron does not have the form he wore as "Annatar" when he forges the One Ring, but rather the one reflecting his identity as Dark Lord, and he is defeated by Isildur alone.

In Jackson's series, Sauron is originally portrayed as a towering " black knight " wielding a huge black mace reminiscent of Tolkien's descriptions as well as conceptual artist John Howe 's illustrations of Morgoth ; in this form, he is portrayed by Sala Baker.

While Tolkien never specifically discussed the type of armour, Sauron is shown in spiky plate armour of very high quality: In the DVD commentary, the production team explained their intent was to represent Sauron's great skill as a craftsman and ring-maker: Sauron may have fallen from his previously angelic state, but a shadow of his great skill in forging and construction remains, even though it has been twisted to making weapons of war.

Thus they chose to depict Sauron as wearing frightening, but very high quality and ornate armour of his own creation.

Sauron's body disintegrates with explosive force after Isildur cuts off the Ring with the hilt-shard of the sword Narsil. The effect in Mordor is seen as a red beam that moves across the land, forever probing.

It also seems to be visible to Frodo and to see him in turn any time that he is wearing the Ring. When the Ring is destroyed, the Eye of Sauron collapses in on itself, causing a massive shock wave that destroys his entire kingdom.

In earlier versions of Jackson's script, Sauron does indeed "come forth" at Aragorn's challenge, and does battle with him: The extra materials published together with the extended DVD version of the third movie indicate as much.

Scenes of the fight were shot, but later this idea was discarded and was replaced by a scene in the extended version where Aragorn kills the " Mouth of Sauron " a representative of Sauron before fighting a Mordor troll.

In fact, the footage of the battle with the troll was the same footage of Aragorn fighting Sauron, with the CGI troll mapped over a painted-out Sauron, as seen in the DVD special features.

In this abandoned scene, when Sauron first emerges from the Black Gate, he appears in his fair and seductive form as "Annatar the Lord of Gifts", trying to entice Aragorn and the other leaders with offers of peace and dominion.

When they reject him, he reverts to his true form, as seen in the prologue. Jackson said he removed the scene when he realized it was too much of a departure from the source material and thematically missed the point: Sauron appears as The Necromancer a figure only incidentally mentioned by Gandalf in the original novel and one of the main antagonists in Jackson's The Hobbit film adaptations where he is portrayed through voice [63] and motion capture [64] by Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Necromancer appears briefly in The Hobbit: Sauron appears an amorphous entity of shadowy mist floating around in the ruins before he assumes his semi-physical form, and then manifests the Eye of Sauron while capturing Gandalf.

The Battle of the Five Armies , and the extended edition of The Desolation of Smaug , Sauron is shown to have been behind Smaug 's actions as part of a grand scheme to restore the Kingdom of Angmar.

However, the actions of Thorin Oakenshield and company forces Sauron to dispatch his Orc army to capture Erebor. Sauron appears in merchandise of the Jackson films, including computer and video games.

These include The Lord of the Rings: Tactics , and The Lord of the Rings: Sauron also appears as a playable character in the game The Lord of the Rings: Conquest , voiced by Jon Olson.

Sauron is a playable character in Lego The Lord of the Rings. His Necromancer form is playable in Lego The Hobbit.

He is further alluded to in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as the Black Hand of Sauron, the aspect of himself that resided within the hand cut off by Isildur during the War of the Last Alliance.

Sauron returns in the sequel Middle-earth: Sauron appears as a boss in Lego Dimensions with the voice provided by Steve Blum once again. He is one the villains serving Lord Vortech, and he takes over Superman's hometown, Metropolis.

He is stopped by Batman , Gandalf, and Wyldstyle , with Gandalf noting that his power is significantly decreased since he is not in his home realm, and is cleansed of the Locate Keystone.

Similar to the movie, his armour crumbles up when he is defeated. The only difference is that he crumbles into a cube that is teleported back to Lord Vortech's lair.

He appears as one of the villains imprisoned in the Phantom Zone who join with Joker to take over Gotham City. The Eye of Sauron causes mayhem in the city by spreading lava, and supports the takeover by being able to find anyone anywhere.

He is accidentally destroyed by fire blast from the Kraken from Clash of the Titans when it was trying to shoot down the Batwing.

Joker was devastated at this loss while Kraken sheepishly slips away quoting "Nothing to see here. The novel itself was conceived by King as a "fantasy epic like The Lord of the Rings , only with an American setting".

In the comic series Fables , by Bill Willingham , one character is called "The Adversary", an ambiguous figure of immense evil and power believed to be responsible for much of the misfortune in the Fables' overall history.

Willingham has stated "The Adversary", in name and in character, was inspired by Sauron. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the character from J.

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Middle-earth portal Fictional characters portal. Tolkien , The Silmarillion , London: Retrieved 21 May Houghton Mifflin , p. Houghton Mifflin , pp.

This conflicts with earlier versions of the story, in which Orcs existed before the wakening of the Elves, as in The Fall of Gondolin , p.

Elendil and Gil-galad were "slain in the act of slaying Sauron". Artist and Illustrator , Boston: Houghton Mifflin , , p. I , pp. Retrieved May 19, Archived from the original on Interview with Bill Willingham.

Adaptations and other derivative works. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King The Hunt for Gollum Born of Hope Shadow of Mordor Middle-earth: Middle Earth Lord of the Rings Risk:

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Though enraged, Sauron was suddenly gripped with terror having realized his own folly, and he frantically sent the Ringwraiths towards the mountain to retrieve the Ring.

He was too late however, and Gollum, after taking the Ring from Frodo, slipped and plunged into the Cracks of Doom, and the Ring was unmade.

With his source of power gone, Sauron was utterly defeated and his armies were destroyed or scattered, bereft of the driving will behind their conquest.

With the Ring's destruction, Sauron was permanently robbed of his physical form, reducing him to a malevolent spirit that hovered above Mordor as a "huge shape of shadow, impenetrable, lightning-crowned, With the destruction of the Ring, the vast majority of Sauron's being and his power was forever lost.

With that, Sauron's power was forever crippled, and the threat of his dominion was forever removed. For he will lose the best part of the strength that was native to him in his beginning, and all that was made or begun with that power will crumble, and he will be maimed for ever, becoming a mere spirit of malice that gnaws itself in the shadows, but cannot again grow or take shape.

And so a great evil of this world will be removed. Sauron is the Quenya term for "the Abhorred". Thu is reintroduced as an alternate name for Sauron in Beren and Luthien Tevildo , before that, was the name of the forerunner character to Sauron, a "Prince of Cats" who is a villain told of in the stories of The Book of Lost Tales.

Despite being the title character of The Lord of the Rings , Sauron is notable in that he never directly appears during the events of the trilogy.

Nowhere is any detailed description given of what he looks like, other than in vague terms. In The Silmarillion , however, Sauron is described as being a shape changer, and took many forms, including that of a serpent, a vampire, and a great wolf.

And it seemed to men that Sauron was great; though they feared the light of his eyes. To many he appeared fair, to others terrible; but to some evil.

Tolkien described Sauron in one of his letters as having the form of a man of more than human stature, but not gigantic, and as an image of malice and hatred made visible.

He apparently gave off great heat, so much so that Gil-galad was burned to death by his mere touch, and Isildur described Sauron's hand as black, yet burning like fire, suggesting that his entire body was blackened from fire and heat.

Gollum, having apparently seen Sauron directly, described him as having only four fingers on his black hand, suggesting that Sauron was unable to regenerate the finger from which Isildur took the One Ring, similar to how the wounds Morgoth took from Fingolfin never healed.

He was not confined to a flaming eye in a tower. In addition to his physical appearance, Sauron also apparently had an aura of incredible malevolence.

A passage in The Silmarillion describes him as having a "dreadful presence," and daunting eyes.

Furthermore, his mere presence could bend all but the strongest wills. In my story Sauron represents as near an approach to the wholly evil will as is possible.

He had gone the way of all tyrants: But he went further than human tyrants in pride and the lust for domination, being in origin an immortal angelic spirit.

Sauron desired to be a God-King, and was held to be this by his servants, by a triple treachery: Because of his admiration of Strength he had become a follower of Morgoth and fell with him down into the depths of evil, becoming his chief agent in Middle-earth.

When he found how greatly his knowledge was admired by all other rational creatures and how easy it was to influence them, his pride became boundless.

Tolkien [17] Philosopher and Tolkien scholar Peter J. Kreeft proposes that Sauron is in fact the main character of The Lord of the Rings , inasmuch as he has the largest significance to the work of good and evil in the story, given his shared essence with the Ring; and given the title's referral to him.

Sauron was among the mightiest of the Maiar. Sauron also seemed primarily linked to the use of fire, and as Morgoth's chief lieutenant, his ability to tap into the fires in the earth was of great value.

Among Sauron's chief powers were deception and disguise: In the First Age Sauron took on many forms. His battle against Luthien and Huan in The Silmarillion has him taking on no less than four separate shapes: At the end of the First Age, Sauron took on a fair form to appeal to the Captain of the Hosts of the Valar and ask for pardon.

In the Second Age, Sauron took up that fair form again and used it under the alias "Annatar" to deceive the Elves into creating the Rings of Power.

The level of deception required to fool the Elves of Eregion must have gone beyond simply taking on a fair form. Sauron was literally instructing the Elves to make artifacts that while capable of great good, were ultimately purposed for his own domination and were imbued with power to arrest the natural order of the world.

The Elves were unaware of who they were dealing with until the eleventh hour, and only narrowly escaped his trap.

Such destruction is a testament to Sauron's manipulative nature and ability to twist the perceptions of his enemies. An interesting dichotomy is set up between his deceptive nature and his symbol.

While rarely appearing personally and deceiving all but the most wary, he represented himself as an all seeing eye that could pierce all disguises.

He himself was able to disguise himself by changing shape and taking a fair form. After losing the Ring it took even longer for him to regain physical form, although by the War of the Ring he had regained it.

The extent, nature, and specifics of Sauron's power are largely left to the imagination. Like his master Morgoth, he was capable of altering the physical substance of the world around him by mere effort of will.

The Evil Eye is also the most popular representation of Sauron , though it is but a representation of his will and semi-omniscient.

The term Red Eye is also used to refer to the actual Eye of Sauron. Since the earliest versions of the Silmarillion legendarium as detailed in the History of Middle-earth series , Sauron has undergone many changes.

Prior to the publication of The Silmarillion , Sauron's origins and true identity were unclear to those without full access to Tolkien's notes, so that early editions of the Guide to Middle-earth described Sauron as "probably of the Eldar elves".

You know of what I speak, Gandalf. A great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame. Sala Baker portrays his physical form.

As in the books, Sauron is the primary antagonist throughout the films. He wears black armor and a mask based on Tolkien's description of Morgoth in The Silmarillion , and wields a giant mace capable of killing scores of men in one hit.

Im Jahre Z. Er trug wieder seinen Meister-Ring am Finger und sammelte seine Kräfte. Nachdem er im Jahre Z. Er begann, nach dem Einen Ring zu suchen.

All seine Versuche, den Einen Ring wiederzuerlangen — sogar unter Zuhilfenahme der Ringgeister — scheiterten. So begann Sauron einen verfrühten Krieg an allen Fronten, um seinen Feinden keine Zeit zu lassen, den Ring gegen ihn zu verwenden.

Auf den Gedanken, dass sie versuchen könnten, den Ring zu vernichten, kam er nicht. So konnte es Frodo gelingen, den Einen Ring in die Schicksalsklüfte zu dessen Vernichtung zu bringen.

Er war von nun an unfähig, sich eine körperliche Gestalt zu schaffen. In der Einführung zu "Die Gefährten" ist er in der Schlacht des letzten Bundes in seiner körperlichen Gestalt zu sehen: Mit einem einzigen Schlag fegt er dutzende Menschen und Elben beiseite.

Darunter auch Elendil, den Vater von Isildur. Saurons Körper explodiert und vernichtet alle Kreaturen, die durch seine Macht gezüchtet wurden.

In the terminology of Tolkien's invented language of Quenya , these angelic spirits were called Ainur. Those who entered the physical world were called Valar , especially the most powerful ones.

The lesser Ainur who entered the world, of whom Sauron was one, were called Maiar. In Tolkien's letters, the author noted that Sauron "was of course a ' divine ' person in the terms of this mythology; a lesser member of the race of Valar ".

Even Sauron was not so. Rebellion originated with the Vala Melkor as Morgoth was called before he turned to darkness. According to a story meant as a parable of events beyond Elvish comprehension, [11] Eru let his spirit-children perform a great Music, the Music of the Ainur , developing a theme revealed by Eru himself.

For a while the cosmic choir made wondrous music, but then Melkor tried to increase his own glory by weaving into his song thoughts and ideas that were not in accordance with the original theme.

The discord Melkor created would have dire consequences, as this singing was a kind of template for the world: The cosmic Music now represented the conflict between good and evil.

Finally, Eru abruptly brought the Song of Creation to an end. To show the spirits, faithful or otherwise, what they had done, Eru gave independent being to the now-marred Music.

This resulted in the manifestation of the material World, Eä , where the drama of good and evil would play out and be resolved.

Entering Eä at the beginning of time, the Valar and Maiar tried to build and organize the world according to the will of Eru. Melkor opposed the other Valar, who remained faithful to Eru and tried to carry out the Creator's designs.

Within the larger universe, they eventually focused on developing the world of Arda Earth, or the entire solar system. Around this time, Sauron fell victim to Melkor's corrupting influence: As for Sauron's motives, Tolkien noted that "it had been his virtue and therefore also the cause of his fall Thus, "it was the apparent will and power of Melkor to effect his designs quickly and masterfully that had first attracted Sauron to him".

For a while, Sauron apparently kept up the pretence that he was a faithful servant of the Valar, all the while feeding Melkor information about their doings.

Thus, when the Valar made Almaren as their first physical abode in the world, "Melkor knew of all that was done; for even then he had secret friends and spies among the Maiar whom he had converted to his cause, and of these the chief, as after became known, was Sauron.

Melkor soon destroyed Almaren, and the Valar established a new abode in the Uttermost West: They still did not perceive Sauron's treachery, for he too became "a being of Valinor".

At some point, Sauron left the Blessed Realm and went to Middle-earth , the central continent of Arda, where Melkor had established his stronghold.

In one text, Tolkien wrote of Sauron that "in Valinor he had dwelt among the people of the gods, but there Morgoth had drawn him to evil and to his service".

After joining his new master in Middle-earth, Sauron proved to be a devoted and capable servant: He thus was often able to achieve things, first conceived by Melkor, which his master did not or could not complete in the furious haste of his malice.

In chapter three of The Silmarillion , Tolkien writes that by the time the Elves awoke in the world, Sauron had become Melkor's lieutenant and was given command over the newly built stronghold of Angband.

To protect the Elves, the Valar made war on Melkor and captured him, but could not find Sauron. Thus, "when Melkor was made captive, Sauron escaped and lay hid in Middle-earth; and it can in this way be understood how the breeding of the Orcs no doubt already begun went on with increasing speed".

By then, Sauron had "secretly repaired Angband for the help of his Master when he returned; and there the dark places underground were already manned with hosts of the Orcs before Melkor came back at last, as Morgoth the Black Enemy".

Shortly after the return of Morgoth, the Noldorin Elves also left the Blessed Realm of Valinor in the Uttermost West, against the counsel of the Valar, to wage war on Morgoth, who had stolen the Silmarils.

In that war, Sauron served as Morgoth's chief lieutenant, surpassing all others in rank, such as Gothmog , the Lord of Balrogs. Known as Gorthaur the Cruel , Sauron was at that time a master of illusions and shapeshifting ; werewolves and vampires were his servants, chief among them Draugluin , Father of Werewolves, and his vampire herald Thuringwethil.

When Morgoth left Angband to corrupt the newly discovered Men , Sauron directed the war against the Elves.

However Sauron had them brought before him. All 12 were thrown into Sauron's dungeons and the 10 Elves were devoured by wolves. Finrod died fighting a wolf to save Beren.

Sauron sent werewolves against them, including their sire Draugluin , but Huan slew them all. Aware of a prophecy to the effect that Huan would be killed by the greatest wolf ever, Sauron himself assumed a monstrous wolf-like form and attacked him.

But the prophecy actually applied to the still-unborn Carcharoth , and Sauron could not prevail against Huan, despite transforming into a serpent and his own form.

Eventually, Huan had Sauron by the throat. Sauron yielded, and Huan let him go. Sauron fled in the form of a huge vampiric bat , and spent some time as a vampire in the woods of Taur-nu-Fuin.

Nothing is told of his subsequent activities in the First Age until the end. But "Sauron fled from the Great Battle and escaped".

Furthermore, the influence of his former master was still strong, so he escaped and hid in Middle-earth. About years into the Second Age , Sauron reappeared.

As for Sauron's "fair motives", Tolkien emphasized that at this time he "was not indeed wholly evil, not unless all 'reformers' who want to hurry up with 'reconstruction' and 'reorganization' are wholly evil, even before pride and the lust to exert their will eat them up".

As part of a plan to seduce the Elves into his service, Sauron assumed a fair appearance as Annatar, "Lord of Gifts", [29] befriended the Elven-smiths of Eregion , led by Celebrimbor , and counselled them in arts and magic.

The Elves in Eregion, however, did not heed their warnings. With Sauron's assistance, the Elven-smiths forged the Rings of Power , which conferred great power upon their bearers.

This "One Ring to rule them all" had the power to dominate the other Rings and enslave their wearers to Sauron's will. The Rings of Power were extremely potent, however; to create an instrument that could dominate even them, Sauron was forced to transfer a great part of his native power into it.

Yet "while he wore it, his power on earth was actually enhanced". Sauron's plan would have succeeded had the Elves not detected his influence when he put on the One Ring.

It was then the Elves saw him for who he really was, removed their Rings, and did not use them for as long as Sauron retained the One Ring. Enraged, Sauron initiated a great war and conquered much of the land west of Anduin.

The Three Rings , however, had been forged by Celebrimbor himself without Sauron's help. This began the Dark Years.

Sauron overran Eregion, killed Celebrimbor, leader of the Elven-smiths, and seized the Seven and the Nine Rings of Power that had been previously forged with his assistance.

In Unfinished Tales , "The History of Galadriel and Celeborn" states that Sauron and his bodyguard were all that was left of his original army.

Gil-galad's power after the War was such that Sauron was unable to move out of Mordor for some time. From this time on, Sauron became known as the Dark Lord of Mordor.

He distributed the remaining rings of the Seven and the Nine to lords of Dwarves and Men. Sauron regained control over most of the creatures that had served Morgoth in the First Age such as Orcs and Trolls.

Sauron also gained power over most of the Men in the East and the South , becoming their god-king. Sauron "was of course a 'divine' person He represented Eru as an invention of the Valar that they used to justify their decrees, and substituted the worship of Melkor, with himself as high priest, for that of Eru.

But there was seen the effect of Melkor upon Sauron: This may have been the residue of a state which was in a sense a shadow of good: But it may be doubted whether even such a shadow of good was still sincerely operative in Sauron by that time.

His cunning motive is probably best expressed thus. To wean one of the God-fearing from their allegiance it is best to propound another unseen object of allegiance and another hope of benefits; propound to him a Lord who will sanction what he desires and not forbid it.

Sauron, apparently a defeated rival for world-power, now a mere hostage, can hardly propound himself; but as the former servant and disciple of Melkor, the worship of Melkor will raise him from hostage to high priest.

But the Valar had no direct dominance over the Children of Eru , so in the face of this challenge they laid down their guardianship of the world and appealed to Eru for a solution.

Sauron had not foreseen this, and his body was destroyed in the cataclysm. Yet his spirit rose out of the abyss, and he was able to carry with him the one thing that mattered most.

Wrote Tolkien, "I do not think one need boggle at this spirit carrying off the One Ring, upon which his power of dominating minds now largely depended.

At first they believed that Sauron had perished in the Downfall, but it soon became evident that the Dark Lord had returned to Mordor when Mount Doom erupted.

A great battle ensued between the Alliance and the Host of Sauron on the battle plain of Dagorlad. Finally, Sauron was forced to emerge from his tower and fight against the Last Alliance himself.

During the final challenge on the slopes of Mount Doom, Sauron was slain by Gil-galad and Elendil, who themselves perished in the act.

Isildur , Elendil's surviving son, took up the hilt-shard of Narsil and cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand. Was it not I that dealt the Enemy his death-blow?

The traumatic loss of the Ring greatly weakened Sauron; he spent the first thousand years of the Third Age as a shapeless, dormant evil.

A few years after the War of the Last Alliance, Isildur's army, while marching to Rivendell , was ambushed and overwhelmed by a band of Orcs in what became known as the Disaster of the Gladden Fields.

Isildur put on the Ring and attempted to escape by swimming across Anduin , but the Ring—which had a will of its own and a desire to return to Sauron—slipped from his finger.

He was spotted and killed by Orc archers. Around the year , [40] a shadow of fear fell on the forest later called Mirkwood.

As would later become known, this was the first sign of Sauron's remanifestation, but for many years he was not recognized. He was known as in The Hobbit as the Necromancer.

Shortly after the shadow fell upon the forest, the Valar sent five Maiar to oppose this growing power.

They took the form of Wizards , the most prominent being Gandalf and Saruman. By about , "the Wise" the Wizards and the chief Elves became aware that an evil power had made a stronghold at Dol Guldur.

The city fell in , and became known as Minas Morgul. In , Gandalf went to Dol Guldur and made the first attempt to learn the truth, but Sauron retreated and hid in the East.

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